Movable cut menu

When I select an object to move the cut/shape pops up and obscures the workspace. This makes it hard to view just where the object is going to be located on the workspace grid.

Thanks for good products and support.


Hi Scott,

I think this is a good idea. Being able to drag it around / collapse it would be very nice.

For now you can resize the 2D canvas area to get yourself more space. You can also scroll / zoom the editor to move things out of the way. You can use this handle to resize the space:

Hey guys, this is an issue that needs addressing. It is always in the way, it sits over the work piece and obstructs details.
Makes it hard to use and Easel is supposed to be easy, right?
Just make it moveable, you know like from one side to the other. That may be enough.
Just saying that I would like that over more bells and/or whistles (not that that would not be liked also).