Move a volume along an axis

Hi all,
We’ve added the ability shift + drag to lock the X or Y coordinate of a volume when positioning your designs.

Shift + Mouse Drag:

This should not interfere with the ability to group objects using shift + click.

Let me know if there are any issues, if this is helpful or if you have other ideas that could make easel better!


Henry, it appears that this new feature may have introduced a new issue. I have videos showing that prior to this release I was able to see a cursor (the vertical line) when I clicked into a text box… now that cursor is gone. The time frame of this new feature corelates as close as I can see to the removal of the cursor. Could these 2 things be related, the timeline certainly looks like they are… anyway, here’s some more detail on the issue:

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Yep Henry I agree with Seth Im having all those issues, Its practically making Easel Unusable.

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Yes, it appears there is an issue with the cursor not displaying when editing text. It should still be possible to edit text by typing and using the backspace key and arrow keys as a workaround. We will look into fixing the issue with displaying the cursor on Monday.

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Sorry for the issues, we’ve rolled back this change and will investigate the regressions.



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