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I am new to easel, but have some experience with sure cuts a lot software. When I draw an object in easel with the line tool, it will not let me move or drag the object to a new area of the work surface. I have tried the lock and unlock feature but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I can’t figure out why it won’t let me just click the mouse on it and drag to a new area. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

It should move. What browser? Maybe restart the browser.
If it persists, share an example project here.

Thanks for the help. I use google chrome. But I did figure something out last night while messing around with it. It does let me move it if I select to cut “clear out a path”, then I can move it around. So wondering why I cant just move it without having to select clear out a path.

can you share this project?
In Easel go to Project>Share, then set it to “Unlisted” then make a copy of the link shown and click “save” at the bottom. you can then paste that link over here.
(If you want to see a walkthrough of this process it’s shown at the 2nd half of this video Simple Method - How To send a friend your Easel Project - YouTube )
then we can see a copy of your project and figure out the issue.

Note, when designing in Easel the Line tool is rarely the appropriate tool for designing an object, this is because there is no way to fully close a design made with the line tool. Rather using a shape, like a square and then using the node editor to place the lines where desired is usually a better method for designing objects.

What do you mean by this @SethCNC? Can’t you just connect the dots?

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With a single line, yes.
I should have clarified a bit… Typically when i see people using the line tool they use individual lines… They make one line. And then another line and then another, not a continuous noded line like you did there.

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It seems to be doing the same when I use a shape that you can select from within the program. Only way I can get it to move is by setting the cut option to clear out area. If I set it to anything less than that like 1/8 inch I can move the shape or object. Very strange.


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