Moved my X-Carve, Z-Axis rises on one side now :-/

I built a table for my x-carve and had a friend help me lift the whole machine up onto the thing. I am guessing he pulled one of the Y-axis end plates upward when trying to pick it up.

The issue:

My table isn’t flawlessly level, but I didn’t think a little dip would throw the whole thing off since I did all the screws tightly, but I suppose I’ll go and put it on a piece of MDF just to ensure that’s not the issue.

What can I do about squaring/leveling all this stuff off? I’m really upset because I almost ruined my day’s work with it. I don’t know if there’s some steps I can take to cover all my bases here, but I’d love some input - especially if anyone else has experienced this. The z-axis is the one being affected, but mechanically speaking, I think this is a Y-axis issue.

On a positive note, I have a nice big work space and the programming has finally been perfected along with nice new, evenly tensioned belts, so I’m getting great cuts :sunglasses:

Any help appreciated! I feel like I’m almost problem free now, if I can just learn how to square all this off then I can really start working.

“How to Square Your X Carve”

It’s likely something that was loose or loosened up.
The 4 main plates or some of the extrusions mounted to the plates.
Could also be the bed itself although guessing it was lifted by the extrusions.

I’d follow the guide by Phil to see where you’re off and then go around and check all the screws anyhow.
A little peace of mind ensuring everything remains nice and tight. Loctite would help if you decide to go that route.

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I’m gonna go try all this out now, thank you very much. I don’t have internet over at the workshop, so it’s nice having things in PDF form.