Movement does not seem right

So I bought my x carve second hand, so I don’t have the benefit and knowledge of putting it together and know the ins and out of construction. So I need Y’all’s help. Is this movement normal? If not what is the fix?

Your video is not showing …


Brandon Parker

Can videos normally be added? I’ll try and make it smaller maybe.

Try this one…

I still do not see anything. Maybe upload it to Youtube and provide a link …


Brandon Parker

Here is the link! Let me know if that works.
The movement effects my “circle to drill” app use. When it “plunges” down the movement makes the circle hole restore red a bit.


Looks like you’re missing the fasteners at the bottom of your Z.

Would you have to take those off to install the vacuum shoe?

No. Take a look at the instructions.

Ok yup see it now! Thanks!