Moving in X axis

I seem to be having an odd issue with my X axis. The X carriage moves fine on the left hand side of the machine but as it moves to the right it starts to struggle. So i cleaned all the rails and checked the belts and then looked at the V wheels.
With the X carriage on the left i set the v wheels and then moved it to the right. I could move it by hand just over half way until i met resistance. I loosed of the V wheels moved it all the way to the right and reset them. I could then slide it back and forth no problem, but with the X carriage back on the left of the machine there was MASSIVE play at least 1-2mm between the bottom V wheel and the rail.

It almost seem that my X rails are larger on one side than the other but i’ve had the machine well over a year and this problem only crops up now. I’ve cleaned everything so its not dirt build up and all the belts look fine. I’m a little puzzled.

ar i see your thinking that they have spread apart. However i’ve did the X axis strengthening mod and bolted a 5mm steel plate between the two rails not long after i bought the machine.I checked the fixings which goes through the rails. I even tried taken them out and running it and then put them back in and re-tighten.

I have thought about ordering the new one piece X axis but the shipping to the UK is a pain. I’m coming to Seattle in October and thought i’d get one shipped to family we have in the US and bring it back with me. Avoid some import duty as well :wink:

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Sorry i don’t think i’m following or maybe i’m working from a bad assumption. Becasue of the steel plate and the fixing between the two X axis rails i’m assuming the both front and back rails are parallel to each other. If one side of the X axis rails were lower than the other wouldn’t this just effect the cut depth cross the machine rather then increase the distance between the upper and lower V wheels.

I’ve gone and ordered a one piece X axis partly because i’m grumpy today and decided to forget my bank balance and pay the $48.88 carriage to get it shipped to the UK. Carriage was not even $1 less than the part but anyway. i’ll play around with my set up tonight and see if i can get it going again.

Any idea on the dispatch time for the maker slide at the moment?

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Found the problem. The rear rail had risen up slightly and the belt idler wheels were touching the rail and grinding on the makerslide

I noticed it has taken the coating off in the area it was dragging.

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I ordered the X axis and it is awesome. Came in a few days and took a few minutes to install.

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Well NOW you tell me??? Kidding.

I think I got it right but I bought the hall effect sensors for limit switches. I still have to mount them. I watched a few of your terrific videos and am definitely motivated to get them installed, homing working, the bump stop cut, and G28 going.

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My new maker slide arrived yesterday. WOW importing stuff from the US is EXPENSIVE!
$49.00 for the makerslide
$48.88 for the shipping
$37.36 import tax
Total $135.24… ouch.

Anyway, got it install fairly quickly along with new eccentric spacers and it defiantly seems to run smoother in the x axis. I need to do a calibration and check everything before i cut anything but it seems good.

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