Moving start point

When moving the start point ie to the middle. Why not just move the black dot to the middle instead of moving 3/4 of the project off of the screen ? Seems it would be even easier to program.


When moving the starting point to the center. Why not just move the point {dot} to the center instead of moving 3/4 of the project off the screen ?


This feature has been asked for several times - I’m with you.

Please do a search for the other threads and “like” them to up-vote.

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Project placement depends on the X0, Y0 settings. It isn’t as simply as just “moving the black dot”.

The X Carve waste board, machine, and Easel, are all set up to have X0, Y0 at the lower left corner of the waste board.

When you change to having X0, Y0 at the center of your project, it’s placement on the waste board will change depending on where your stock sits in the machine. While I agree that it can be disconcerting having to adjust to seeing only 25% of the grid under your project, what I do is keep the 0,0 point in the lower left during setup and design, and then when I’m done, move the start point to the center, just before carving.

A work around, sure, but it can be easier until this feature can be implemented in the future.