Moving tabs

I was using the template for the cutting board. Initially, there were tabs around the outside of the cutting board and one tab on the hole near the end. When I changed the number of tabs, it removed the tab from the hole. I cannot figure how to put at least one tab back into the hole cutting path.

Go to the Cut Slider and make sure it is all the way down for a cut out. Then at the bottom of that box, below the Outline and Fill box, there is a small check box for “Use Tabs”. Check it and they should appear.

Yes I know how to put tabs in generally, but the cutting board template has a hole in the middle of the object. Initially, there was a tab in that cutting path. But when I upped the number of tabs, the tab in the hole path was taken out and I can’t figure out how to put it back. All the tabs get placed on the outline of the object.

Can you share the project?

you can click and hold any of the tabs and drag them around. drop them where you want them

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I would think that this should be a separate cut path and would have its own set of tabs, not connected to the profile cut.

I suspect the project was copied and there is a known bug that does not carry-over tabs in copied projects.

Just drag one of the outside tabs to the hole in the middle

Please excuse all the noise. I was trying to use a beta release of Safari. It has all sorts of problem with Easel. I have reported this issue to Apple so hopefully this next version of Safari is fixed before its released.

Not sure about the rest of you, but dragging the tabs is painful for me. They rarely go where I need without fiddling with them longer than it should take.