Moving the 3D display

Any ideas why I can’t move the 3d display up so I can see the full board ??
It happens when I zoom in…


Just Checked and any mouse (I have basic three button) click will grad the 3D preview and move it. but it only moves to the right or left (you stated up). Just hover over the little tab with three dots on the lower right portion of the 2D work window and click and hold then drag to the desired place.

Thank you - middle Mouse button worked…

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You can also hold down the “shift” key and then drag it.

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Shift + click and drag is my preferred method. It makes panning the 3D preview pane a lot easier.

I’d like to be able to entirely hide that right panel. When I drag it as far right as it will go, I get this problem; the cut/shape dialog gets obscured.

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I ran into similar problems using the basic internet explorer and edge. When I shifted to google chrome or Firefox, it seemed like I was able to adjust the right side finally. Perhaps the software you are using is causing your issue?

Safari on Mac.

OMG THANK YOUUUUUU. The detailed preview part I couldn’t figure out how to move where it wasn’t partly off screen. I could spin it and zoom in but I couldn’t move it up or down or left or right and it has been seriously beyond frustrating. Thank you