Moving the router to the previous 0 point


When I’m repeating some cuts, I like to use the “use last XY” button instead of having to reset the 0 point each time.
BUT. Is there a way to move the bit TO the previous 0 point just so that I can check that nothing as changed? It’d also help if I needed to just tweak what the new XY is if I’ve been able to move the router to the previous 0 point if it is just off by a few mm.

If not… Any chance this feature could be added?

It may not be exactly what you want but, I establish my 0 position then using the jog the machine to where you want it. Check out whatever you need and jog back to same location. I do this on almost every carve.

You can use the machine inspector to enter g-codes (the commands) manually.

Get to the machine inspector:
push on keyboard: ctrl shift d
browse to it by going to machine, click advanced, click machine inspector
(be sure that the bit is up and won’t hit anything)
In the console enter G0 X0Y0 and the gantry will move to the work origin (this doesn’t always work - program is buggy sometimes).

I have been asking for a button similar to Home to do this and other workflow things.

For example, if I am going to cut several things over and over:

After the carve I open machine inspector and enter G28 in the console.
this tells the gantry to move to a location that I defined in the back left corner.
I take out the finished work and put in the next.
I then type G0 X0Y0 (or G30 to go to a different spot that I defined).
I then zero the Z or just run the carve if I know the thickness of material is the same.

To define where G28 goes (assuming you have homed the machine):
move the gantry to where you want it
in machine inspector enter G28.1 and that will set that current location to G28

Similar for G30 enter G30.1 to set.

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Have you set your stepper motors so they have full torque when the machine is idle?

There are threads on this subject. This way nothing will move when you do a but change. Like Phil said I set my movement to 1" count the moves.

By far, the simplest apporach with Easel is to do the following:

  • Install homing switches

With those in place, at power-up you do a homing cycle ($H)
Jog to your desired work zero (XYZ0)
Run Carve sequence - Confirm Home position at your current location and let the carve complete
If you think your XY is off, simply re-home ($H) and click “Use previous…”

With homing switches installed you can also get creative to implement parking spots G28/G30 into your workflow.

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