Moving the X-Carve

I’m getting my X-Carve in 2 or 3 days (tks to a UPS “incorrectly sorted the package”).
I plan to setup and use in my Computer room/2nd bedroom, until running smooth and the shop cool down, then moving to the shop. So question is the Y rails strong enough to use as hand holds to move it? or should it be mounted to a board to move it?

Yes your right, wasn’t thinking right and getting my XYZ mixed up, the 2 sides without the Y rails of the waste board would be best. The 2nd part that I didn’t type was by moving it a few hundred feet sideways pasted doorways and all, do you think a full calibration (check level of waste board, check XYZ) is need?

And a torsion box table is being made in the shop when it gets to it’s shop home.