Moving to a new home/studio

Anyone got any tips for moving the Xcarve to a new house/studio? I’ll be moving my 1000mm Xcarve next week to my new home and I’m terrified of something going wrong with it so I was hoping someone here would have experience moving their Xcarve and could give me some tips.

Moved mine about a year ago from one shop to another. Didn’t have any issues. I removed the spindle, and strapped the z axis carriage to the X axis, then strapped the X Axis to the Left Y rail.
Removed the side board, and transported it flat. No issues at all.

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Hello AIAmantea,

We just did the same in December 17. What we did was drop the duct shoe alll the way done and then use hold down clamps to secure the x, y, and router into a fixed spot on all four sides. We moved only 20 miles away but had to also carry it upstairs into the new workshop. We had no issues and all worked perfectly.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

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Thanks for the input, guys!

When I move them I secure the gantry so it doesn’t slide around. If you can lay it flat and not put a bunch of stuff on it during the transport that will help too. You may have to square it up when you get to the new location.