Mulit level with inlay

Designed art piece for space I had above stereo cabinet. Created all in Coreldraw and imported/ cut in Easel using Monkey Pod and Mango woods. Multilevel cuts with face section stained darker to stand out and inlaid Hibiscus. Made simple acrylic stand or can wall mount if needed.



That is a beautiful piece. Very nice job!

I really like how you used the grain of the wood as part of the artistic element, Very nice piece. You must do this for a living.

That’s fantastic!

Thank you for all the compliments and likes. Just an old retired graphic artist that loves to make stuff. Altho I have sold a lot of things, enough to support my sawdust habit and outfit my shop with some great equipment, I don’t do this for a living. (sounds too much like work…yuck). My X-Carve has greatly expanded the possibilities, and is definitely my favorite tool in the shop!


Very nice indeed.


Sanding sealer & 4 coats spray lacquer.

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wow, so beautiful)
you are really talented)

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