Multi angle waste board, and the video is cool too!

The guy in this video has a really cool waste board/table, a section of it folds up and down to create an angled surface. The guy in the video uses it to make CNC cuts into a wood bowl he’s making. If you want to see the multi angle waste board you could skip ahead to about the 3:20 mark. But if you like watching people make stuff this video is pretty darn cool. Makes my want to play with my lathe I got collecting dust!


That is Cool!!! Nice segmented bowl with inlay, also great shop. I’m a Turner getting back into “flatwork” you all just call it Woodworking, that is why the X-Carve. I got the same Lathe but i wish I had that dentist light!

I have watched Frank for years many of us over there were woodworkers before enthusiasts of new school tools (CNC Routers) and he is one very smart dude. I love the way he made his table and is using it to do creative inlay on his turnings.

Great video! Wish I had 1/10 of his creativity and a 100% of his shop tools! :grinning: