Multi stage oddity

first off i am exporting my g code so maybe it is different when using easel to cut… but i doubt it.

right now i am cutting my first multi stage cut (stacked text) first cut was with 1/2" and now i am doing a 1/8" while being mezmorized by the machine cutting i have noticed that there was a good 10 min where the 1/8’ is not cutting anything at all… it is moving in the right areas but way above the actual surface (that was already cut with the 1/2") then it goes and cuts other arreas correctly.

has anyone else run in to this? i mean it isnt crashing the machine… just taking non needed extra time with the cut.

sounds like you did not reset your Z axis depth to the new bit.

X and Y stay the same but the Z axis needs to be set to zero to match your second bit.

hope that makes sense

What @KennethConnell said.
Also, is this actually using the multi stage feature in Easel? Or are you doing completely separate cuts within the save project?

I did re-zero the Z when I changed bits. The finish depths are the same as the roughing bit… it just seems to want to cut air at some places. Like I said… it is odd.

When you export the gcode on a 2 stage, it has you save it as 2 separate files

I am not sure if you are using VCarve but I had a similar error with a recent carve. It was cutting through the air. I tried all methods to send the file and all were the same. So this pointed to the g-code. I tried using different post processors within VCarve 9.0 with the same results. Then I remembered that I reduced the thickness of my material for the project in VCarve a week prior. I created a new project with the correct thickness of material, created the new g-code and it carved correctly. Some how VCarve never updated the thickness when I changed it, maybe a bug in 9.0.

I used Easel to design the project.

its all good. next time I will take video of it and then it will make sense. just wondered if someone else had the same thing happen. it didn’t hurt anything… just wasted time.