Multiple bits - carve lesson

I want to use a 1/8 to deepen the area on the right and then switch a 60dgr bit for the test and crawfish. How would I do that?

  • Duplicate the project in Easel so you have two identical workpieces
  • In the first project, for the 1/8", delete the crawfish
  • In the second, for the 60deg V-bit, delete the “Lets eat” part/pocket
  • Carve first project
  • Change to 60deg V-bit, re-zero Z
  • Carve second project

Using workpieces is helpful for this.

The overall project is currently active workpiece.
Make a copy of the workpiece (hover over the workpiece and there will be a menu arrow in the top right corner) and delete the parts that won’t be in the current carve or bit use.

Again in my example, the first workpiece just has the drills and those are with an 1/8" bit.
The next workpiece is just the pockets and I use a 1/4" bit for that.
The 3rd workpiece cuts the hearts out.

The 5th workpiece I have there is used to flatten the material before doing the other operations.

Workpieces allow you to do a lot of different things within the same “project”.

I have used workpieces in another project just to hold variations of the initial design. The letter in the middle changes in each one. It saves me having to adjust the size/position if I need to use that letter design again.

Your example:

The “Let’s Eat” won’t be completely cut with just a 1/8" bit.
Add a “detail” bit to that workpiece by clicking the + plus button next to the bit.
Make another workpiece copying the Let’s Eat. Make the box(es) that surrounds the text smaller (just bigger than the text) and use your 60 degree bit to clean up. There will be some “cutting air”.

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Thanks Gentlemen,

It took a little while to make Work Pieces show up at the bottom… I have created a duplicate and will work on it when I get back from work.


Sorry, forgot to start with that. For those that haven’t done it before, click the “double up” arrow next to the ? at the bottom left of the window to open the workpieces up.