Multiple carves / batching of projects

I’d love a button at the end of a carve that suggests:
“Let’s do this again”
and the machine just runs the exact same carving pass again.
Also, I’d like to select where to “park” the router after each carve.

I batch out projects (8 at a time)
I only want to put the new workpiece into position and do the exact carve again.
Same X/Y, same thickness material, same carving bit, same settings.
atm, I need to confirm with 9 mouse clicks and scrolls.
Thank you for your consideration.

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You can manually enable that feature :wink: Go To Machine>General Settings and Enable the feature :+1:

More information can be found by going to Help>Features & Tools>Quick Repeat Carving


thanks a million. :slight_smile:

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