Multiple carves

Would it be feasible to have more than 2 carves with different bits? Some small details aren’t coming out well with the 60 degree bit and I would like to add another carve step with a 30 degree bit. Has this been attempted?

You can create another duplicate workpiece and assign the 60 as the roughing bit and then the 30 as the finishing bit…

Since you’ve already 60 from the original workpiece no need to rerun it again. So for this new workpiece you’d go straight to the 30 degree toolpath

09/13/21 EDIT: (This doesn’t work with multiple V-Bits, only multiple Straight Bits, so i guess you could use a 0.02" diameter bit as a stand-in for the roughing in the 2nd workpiece… and it might not be perfect, but it should still work)

Easel does not allow a V-Bit for Roughing and Detail passes…

I am not sure when this occurred as I could have sworn I checked it before.


Brandon Parker

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Yep, your right there. I’m over here mixing up multiple softwares again :man_facepalming:

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