Multiple Carveys on one Computer

I teach at a school and am currently putting together a Makerspace. I purchased three Carveys and I love them. However, it appears that each Carvey needs its own computer to run cuts. Is it possible to have one computer that all three Carveys are connected to and you choose which one you want to send the cut to? I don’t want students to connect their own device because they’d have to leave it for the duration of the cut and they need the devices for class. Any thoughts before I purchase computers for each Carvey? Thanks!


Are you trying to do 3 cuts at once? If not, if it is like the xcarve you just power on the one you want

I would consider using a Raspberry Pi 3 on each machine. low cost solution and very small form factor.

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IF you use Linux you should be able to manually set your ports and name then independently of each other with unique identifiers (such as C1-C2-C3 or whatever). then you should be able to connect each machine to a separate port on the same system and that would not change.
you would then have to use a sender program that lets you manually select a port (like UGS) and you should not have any problems controlling three machines from one system. and yes you should be able to have three instances of your sender program (each on its own port) running three machines a the same time.

I do not have three machines to test with but I have set the ports and named them unique identifying names before. there are many tutorials on the internet to show you how. But I still would think that having three cheap systems like the Pi would be better then all three could be designing and cutting independently of each other and all three could use Easel to control each machine (which has a very easy to understand interface).

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I believe it’s a violation of the Carvey warranty terms to use anything other than Easel. The raspi option, or even cheap windows tablets, sounds like the way to go.

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Yes, I would love to operate all three machines at once from one device. Seems like that is not an option though. I thought about Pi and might go with that.

Sounds like a good plan. Thanks!

Easel works fine with the Raspberry Pi, just need to install Easel Local as outlined in the other post on this forum

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