Multiple Objects Load from file

I am looking for a way to load many repetitive “Objects” into Easel.
For example, I have a horizontal line, that goes from 1 inch to 4 Inches along the Y axis, on the 2 inch X Axis.
So the Endpoints for the line are 1,2 and 4.2

If I wanted to add 3 additional lines on top of them, each north an inch, I could make the following points

1,3 and 4,3
1,4 and 4,4
1,5 and 4,5

Is there a way to create a csv file with all the necessary info, and upload it into Easel so I don’t have to do a million clicks on the UI?

Draw your first horizontal line, select it, then use the Replicator app in Easel. Specify 1 column, 10 rows(that’s the limit, but you could run it more than once), and 1" as the Spacing.

If you run it and create 10 lines, then the 2nd time you run it, select all 10, then re-run the App. Use the same parameters and it will create a 100 lines.