Multiple passes to achieve a specific depth with a v-bit?

I’ve got a 1/2 inch diameter, 90 degree vbit. This allows me to plunge only a limited depth into the material, before the sides of the vbit begin to cut “straight” edges.

I would like to make a much deeper v-groove, at this 90 degree angle… Is there a way to make Easel take several passes, at various X/Y positions to accommodate this smaller bit?

Or, what math would i need to figure out exactly the offsets of the additional cuts, so i can “trick” my gcode sender into doing these cuts, by adjusting my X/Y/Z coordinates?

Here’s an image of what i’m talking about:

I’ve tried searching for larger diameter V-Bits but i would need a 1-1/4 diameter bit with a 1/4 shank, and these are extraordinarily hard to find… It would be nice to have Easel just offset the bit and make this groove in multiple passes, using this smaller bit.

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You “should” be able to do it, but it might take a little work. What type of shape are are you carving out? You might be able to use the Offsetter app to generate the same shape(s) at the correct distance away from the first step to get what you desire.

If you can share the project I will take a look at it and see if I can do.


Brandon Parker

There’s really no project yet, all i’ve done is drawn 2 lines and adjusted the cut depth.

My goal is to cut out 4 side panels, to make a box. Each side needs to have a 45 degree bevel on either end.

Sadly my Chop Saw’s 45 degree angle is not quite 45 degrees. I dont have a table saw, and a good hand plane to use with a shooting board costs over $200! And honestly, i’d i prefer it to be done by machines, 'cos they dont make mistakes.

I’ve worked out that my cut width needs to be 1 inch in diameter, to make it through 1/2 inch thick material using a 90 degree bit. So i guess i could create a rectangle 1 inch thick, and do an inside pocket operation. Then create an additional job that will cut along the middle of that rectangle, but 1/4th inch down on Z axis, for the final cut.

It would be nice if there was an app or script to do this all automatic though.

Edit: I just realized, using a rectangle with a pocketing operation, Easel will indeed cut this! at full depth!!

I would look very closely at the tool-path. Easel is most likely not going to carve the outside corners as you would suspect it to.


Brandon Parker

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Easel has now way to accommodate for the width of your V-bit. It assumes that it is infinitely wide. Make sure your depth per pass is <= 0.25".