Multiple projects on one board

So, Im new to easel obviously, what I want to do and am having a difficult time figuring out how to do is to cut multiple projects on one board. For instance. I have a pattern for a christmas ornament that I’d like to put each of my kids names in and cut them out all at the same time. 7 ornaments with different names in each one, and all on the same project. I have it designed and have changed the name in it, but how do I get this to put each one on the same board? thanks for your help

If I’m understanding you correctly you want to put multiple images of the same ornament on one page? You can copy and paste the ornament. Select the ornament and then hit ctrl C on your keyboard, that will copy the image, Then hit crtl V on your keyboard, that will paste the image that you copied. Also check out this page, Sam explains how to do ornaments.

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So as @RussellCrawford notes above, copy paste (there isn’t a combine function in Easel) and lay them out yourself. They key thing is to make sure you check the settings for each one (in other words make sure the outline of each ornament is set to cut the thickness of the material) and the names engrave (unless you don’t like all your kids equally - “well Johnny that’s what happens when we aren’t good, we don’t get our names on the ornament!”) .

Unlike V-carve, Easel doesn’t have a packer which moves all the shapes around for maximum efficiency, but I imagine you aren’t in some massive production house where every second counts and every gram of stock counts. Make sure you look at the detailed preview and simulation to make sure that each operation is what you expect.

For example I tested this I made the Mary one in a separate project and it did preserve the cut setting s between the cut/paste. I then rotated it 180 (in the Shape tab) to pack it in more closely:

And yes before someone comments I am aware that ornament is not going to carve correctly since the top and bottom will separate. Being Jewish I don’t have a large stack of ornament files on hand so just used the icon built in to make the demo.

You have to select 2 or more objects for the Combine feature to work. Go to Edit then Combine or Crtl J.
You can make ornaments in Easel,

Oh sorry that was ambiguous, I meant combine projects. Like oops I did these things as 3 separate projects but want to run them as a single job…

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