Multiple start/stops on cut x-carve

First, carved this in easel:

I used very slow rate with a very shallow depth per pass.

I then tried to carve a “box” using the box app in easel the next day. This was the result:

Same settings all around. Any ideas?

Actuall, this is the full pic:

It carved the piece on the left first and then the stuff at the extreme right. The stuff in the center was from a previous failed cut

Looks like you’re missing steps. Check that nothing is slipping (belts, pulleys). Check the tightness of your v-wheels, too tight is just as bad as too loose, and also check that all you wiring is secure. Hopefully that helps!

Thanks, Rusty.

I spent a lot of time on the belts and v-wheels right before the “good” carve and checked them again right before starting the crappy carve. I’m pretty confident that they are fine.

I just ordered the X-controller and am going to upgrade to a DW611 and plan to pretty much break my machine down (with respect to the wiring) and rebuild when the controller comes in.