Multiple Tool Paths?

Hi All,

I’m just getting started and had a question about a design I’d like to carve. I’m carving an image of the Chesapeake Bay (pocket cut) , I’d also like to do the words Chesapeake Bay as a V carve.

The challenge is I want to use a 1/4 bit to do the bulk of the cut on the image but I"ll need to also use a 1/8 bit to get the detail.

How would I be able to do the V carve of the text?

Can you split the image and words into two separate jobs?

Exactly, you’d do it in 2 separate workpieces. Here’s an example Easel file. First I’d design the whole thing in the first workpiece. Then use the duplicate function on the workpiece so all the layout is exactly the same. Then select the Chesapeake Bay map and raise the cut depth to 0. Now you will only be left with the letters and on this second workpiece select the V-Bit. You’ll carve the first workpiece with the 1/4 then the 1/8 bit then switch over and do the V bit.

Thanks Zach. One more question, could I design multiple (more than 2) tool paths in V Carve Pro and send those through Easel?

When you import gcode into Easel you do it one bit or tool at a time. You can do it multiple times and do a bit change in between each import.