Multiple tools feature

Now that Easel supports tool changes, I thought of an idea to have different cuts be assigned a specific tool. The cut would be colorized to indicate a configured tool.

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Interesting idea. Can you please explain more about what you mean?


As the current coloring of tool paths are black/grey/white. I was thinking you can select different tools to be used in your project and each tool would be assigned a different color and then used to carve specific details.

I was inspired by this video:
And was thinking a large red box with a depth of .125 would represent the first tool (@1:06-1:31 on video) to hog out the initial depth. Next, a different color for the spiral upcut, followed by a third color/tool for the fine lettering, etc…

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That sounds like a layering feature to me. Each layer is a different color, defined by the user.

Say you have two objects present in Easel where you can assign bit# 1 to object# 1, bit#2 for object#2
(and possibly also the appropriate feed rate/DOC etc for each bit)
Since this require a tool change a paused state would also be needed at a proper park position with clearance enough for tool change.

That could be done with G28.1 (to set reference) then G28 G91 Z0 (to raise) G28 G91 X0 Y0 (to move). …but this is involved and might be complicated within Easel. Other option is to just have it return, like it does at end of job, just with a higher Z axis.
Learning about G28