Multitask in Easel Pro

Can we design within Easel Pro while the application is running a carve?

Yes, personally I would open another tab to design in.

I haven’t tried opening a different project in the same exact tab as the one that’s carving…but I’ve modified the current carve design while its carving, once if finishes the simulation the gcode file is stored in the temporary files in the pc and that’s where it pulls from to send… so as long as the page isn’t refreshed, it would keep sending just fine

Depending on your setup (computer and internet connection speed), the saving of changes can cause intermittent stuttering of the sending process. I have observed this first hand, but it has never affected the carve for me.


Brandon Parker

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Thanks Seth, that’s kind of what I was referring to. I have made changes during a carve with no issues but thought this could be a good use of time.

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Thanks Brandon, I haven’t seen the stuttering you’re referring to but will keep it in mind.

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