Must be Clock Season?

Been seeing a lot of clocks made on the forum lately. Hadn’t made one in quite awhile, then I get an order for four. 9 x 14 Monkey Pod woods with inlaid acrylic (resin) numbers & temp meter. Thank you X-Carve for making this easy.


Those look nice. How much do you sell them for?

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Sold those for $175. ea. Made for 25 yrs award gifts for a private school. They also purchased 3 of my Koa LED desk lamps. ($249. ea)


Did you make that lamp on X-Carve too?

Use X-Carve to cut out the recess for LED’s and switch plate, pocket & wire runs in base.

What is the site where you sell them?

I post some things on ETSY (Kona Wood Creations) but most things I sell are by word of mouth and sold in local galleries.

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Jeff where do you get your clock movement and temperature gauges from. Nice looking project.

Thanks David. I get just about all my clock and meter supplies from here
Lots of stuff, good prices, great service.

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Thanks, appreciate the info.

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The clocks look great.
I want to try and make one. I am new can you tell me how you got the clock design in easel?

Thank you for the tip.

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I use Corel Draw for my design/ layout work. Like Phil says, try inkscape. It is a good program and free.

Jeff where do you get your acrylic (resin) from and do you have to tint it? I bought some Art Resin High Gloss Epoxy and food coloring to tint it but I like the looks of your clock face and was wondering what you use.

I use surfboard finishing resins. Either the type that requires catalyst to activate or the solar rez resin (prefered type) that cures with the sun. Usually found at Ace Hardware or marine supply stores. Also use tints and pigments made for these resin types. Also found at Ace. I don’t think food coloring (water based) will mix well with regular resins.

Thanks for the info. The food coloring I’ve had some success with on cutting boards but you have to watch and be careful not to use too much as it does affect the Harding process.