My 1/32 fishtail bit keeps breaking - help :)

Hey there,
I am using Tasmanian Oak, and using the 1/32 fish tail bit, I have done the rough pass with the 1/16 bit.
I have the spindle speed on 1 (dewatt 611) - this has been reduced in my attempts,
I am have used aged and non aged pieces of wood thinking this was an issue…
I am currently using the recommended ‘hard maple’ settings which is
feed rate 762 mm/min (30inc/min)
plunge rate 304.8mm/min (12 inch/min)
depth 0.4mm (0.015inc)
with an offset fill method
any ideas how to solve this issue. have used the 1/32 bit previously for other jobs not an issue

When and where does the bit break?
If it happens on the first pass I would suspect the surface is not even and in places the depth exceeds your settings.

Breaking bits is normally a sign of feed rate being too fast for the depth of cut. Does the roughing pass leave a flat surface ? You might want to just try reducing the depth by half, and see if that helps matters. Actually, if it were me, I would half the DOC and feedrate, see if I could get through a cut successfully, and then start increasing feedrate to see what the result was.

1/32"… ugh those break by breathing on them.

does your detail need to be That detailed? what are you carving?

Hmmm. I wondered if the wood was too hard but its apparently a little softer than hard maple. I agree with slowing and shallowing it all down to see if you can get through a carve. Could those areas be handled by a v bit instead?

right now you are at a depth of half the diameter of the bit… but you have to remember that that bit is crazy thin. I would try reducing the depth in half… to .007inch and cut your feed rate in half too… if it is cutting fine then use the override to speed it up a little.

have halved the complete depth, the rough past does leave a flat surface