My 1st ArtCam relief carving using Chilipeppr and X-carve

After a long learning curve with ArtCam I completed my 1st relief carving using ArtCam, Chilipeppr and myArtCam and my X-carve with standard spindle.

Project is a relief castle in 3/4" x 6.5" x 8" pine shelving. Project was done with 2 toolpaths. 1st was roughing pass using 1/8" end mill. 2nd toolpath was finishing pass done with 1/8" ball nose cutter. Both cutters were from Inventable’s assorted pack of 5. Carved portion is about 0.25" high.

Project is as it came off the machine, no sanding or cleanup other than a brushing to remove sawdust, then coated with sanding sealer.

Project took about 4 hours to cut.



Looks really nice… well done. :smile:

Isn’t it great having cnc in the shop?

can you send me the setup for rough and finish

Sorry, I moved to an apartment, no longer have a shop and sold my X-carve.

Really miss it, but life moves on.


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