My 1st Spoil Board

Designed completely Illustrator!!! Been putting this off for about 6 months & finally got the nerve to try it today.

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Looking good
Any chance of sharing ?

Are you planning to put metal inserts into the track? I was thinking of something similar but was worried the wood would break out when tightening, especially after the top has worn away some.

I’m guessing he won’t

and also you are 100% right. This won’t last very long as-is. He’ll just tear the MDF apart when fastening the clamps.

I’d just use screws to hold down your stock.

On my next SBoard I plan on adding metal tracks. Basically I just wanted to see if i was comfortable enough to tackle a project like this w/the bits that I’ve bought & never unpackaged until now. I haven’t tested this board yet, however, I did pick up 4 hold down clamps today to test over the weekend.

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OK, here goes… my revamped spoil board!!!


Thanks for the insight!

Why is that Robert? Any ideas. Perhaps Jenn can help us with that.