My Baby X Carve gets a little wider. 540 x 500

Hello all.

Wanted to share a simple upgrade for the 500 x 500 x carve.

I wanted to be able to make use of a full 12" piece of stock in the x axis so I came up with a simple solution.

I made some 3/4" spacers out of abs to use between the x axis rail and the y axis motor plates. I also made up spacers for the cable support rails. You will need longer screws for the rail and for the supports. M5 x 30mm - and will need to use longer screws for the belt clips and use both sides as a tensioner. M5 x 30.

I used a m5 x 20mm screw and a 3/4 inch aluminum spacer to attach the cable chain for the y axis. I do not have the side board kit but it looks like you wont need this spacer.

The 500mm long 20mm extrusion under the waste board is replaced by 540mm long extrusion.

I will share the files for the spacers shortly after I consolidate everything.

The wiring was plenty long enough to accommodate the spacers.

The same method could be applied to the larger machines but I don’t think there is a need.

Don’t forget to tram your machine in both the x and y axis before tightening everything down.

I now have 12.5" with a little room to spare in the x axis and just over 12" in the y axis but that may because I am using a Makita router with a custom mount.

I also added some extra holes and nuts to the waste board to allow clamping larger materials.

More pics and info will be uploaded soon.


I like your cardboard dust blocker.

Maybe its just the nature of the craft but I swear some people here completely over complicate what should be a simple solution.

Thank you. It is a simple solution but still a temporary one.

I own a lot of hobbyist cnc equipment.

I have a grizzly g0704 mill that is converted to cnc. I also have a 24" x 48" cnc plasma table that I custom built. A Grizzly g0602 10" x 22" lathe that is converted to cnc. And I have a 1000mm x 600mm 100w c02 laser cutter.

The x-carve was purchased to fill a need to cut out certain plastics that I do not want to create a mess on the mill with and are too dangerous to cut on the laser.

I will however be making a full set of dust guards for the x-carve out of acrylic on the laser cutter. I’ve already began work on a dust collector that will be better suited to the small x carve.

So far the x-carve has been working great for machining abs plastic and garolite.

Wow, you’re in deep! Can I ask how the X-carve stacks up compared to the other CNC machines?

My main bit of experience is with the x-carve with a small amount of experience with the ShopBot. I’ve always wondered whether I’m playing with a kids toy compared to some of the big boys.

The x-carve does not have enough mass or rigidity to machine metals efficiently.

I tried testing out some aluminum out of curiosity on the x carve. One test was all I needed to do to decide it is not up to the task. Perhaps if you changed out the z axis and put in the 9mm belts you would get better results.

While it certainly can do aluminum if you take it slowly, The difference in cut speed between the mill or plasma table vs the x carve for metal is huge.

There is so much flex that if you try get slightly aggressive with your cuts you can see the bit deviate off path. On the mill I have never seen the bit deviate at all but if pushing it you end up snapping end mills.

The x-carve does an excellent job at cutting the plastic pieces I wanted it for. I’m happy with it. But I see no point in upgrading it to try make it do anything but carve wood or cut plastic.

I’d like to see pictures of your other machines and I’d like to know what you did to the lathe to make it cnc

The mill and lathe are both very popular for cnc conversions. There are kits and plans available to do the conversions.