My Beginner Projects

I’ve had my X-Carve for a little over a month now. I had my share of learning mistakes but kept on going. Love this machine and my part time gig. Thought it was time to share pictures of some of my projects/orders. Orders are starting to come in. Stay with it and love what you do and anything is possible.


Wow! These look awesome.

I’ve learned a lot from you and this forum. Thank you,

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Awesome work for 1 month in.

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Those all look good, thanks for sharing your projects and thank you for your service.
I wish more people would share their projects.

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Those all look great. I would say you are a good learner for only being at it a month. Keep up the good work and keep sharing.

Excellent work

Strong work for a month in. Jealous. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.

Thank you all for your comments. I will be posting more. Have more orders that just came in. The sports plaques are a big seller. I’m a graphic designer by nature so this machine is a god send with my Illustrator knowledge and design ideas. Just converting it to easel is the challenge. Anyone use vectric aspire and is it really free to use for as long as you want? I currently use a MAC but going to get a Windows PC so I can start doing 3D.

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They all look great

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@StevenRoberts. Are you concerned about copyright issues with the sport logo?

Never thought of it with all the stuff I see on the net. Maybe I should look into it.

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Bottom line, most are not legit.
(For sale items, not personal use)


I think you’re fine if you are not selling them

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For personal use everything is fair game.
Edited my post above to clarify.

Copyright applies to commercial use, as in any scenario where monetizing is involved. Copyright is not something that is filed/registered, its applied on any original work, to the originator.

You mention you have a graphic design background; what software do you typically use to design your projects? Excellent work, BTW!

Yes, I use Adobe Illustrator for my designs then save them as a SVG file to import into Easel. Then I have to mess around with the depths I want to cut each section.

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Christmas shopping pretty much done. Been busy over Thanksgiving. Love this machine.


Your graphic design experience certainly shows through! On the ‘Disney carve’ are those Disney characters stickers, or did you actually hand paint those? And are you using Easel Free or Pro… thanks!

Awesome job on all the projects!