My biggest and most ambitious X-Carve project ever! (Completed)

Finishing in a water based satin lacquer.

Three coats with two hour drying time in between, did the top of things then the bottoms the next day.

The top of the desk received five coats.

Two days with furniture bits in our kitchen/dining area. The other side of the loft bed is still in the study because I couldn’t fit everything in the one room.

On the last day I could fit everything on the table because I only had to do the bits that had been touching the ground the day before.


Absolutely amazing! Good way to make full use of the machine. I would have never thought something that big could be cut in our little DIY systems. Good job

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Thank you Devin!

nice! looks brilliant.

How is the desk design for side to side movement?

I made this desk with my X carve and it was brilliant front to back but side to side it wasn’t great. I ended up adding diagonal bracing to stiffen things up.

Oh! nice desk!

Mine’s not great for side to side movement either.

It may end up being held onto the loft bed. Or maybe a set of drawers stuck between the top and one side as a form of cross bracing.

And now for the conclusion …

Test set up and assembly in the study:

Panorama of the assembled pieces in the bedroom, the dog is not that athletic, I had to put him up there.


The view from under the loft bed, it’s a nice spot for reading:

The final step is re-introducing the mess that was removed earlier.

Thanks everyone for following this thread.


Looks amazing! Nice work! Very inspiring!

How’s the little one liking it?

He loves it!

Before trying it he didn’t want his old bed sold for a while, now he’s happy for it to go. So that’s a success! He reads on the little sofa a fair bit too so it’s good to have that space there for him.

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In the end, that’s all that matters right?

That’s awesome! Nice work!

That really turned out fantastic.

Hard to tell/cant remember… did you round over the edges of the steps?

Thanks everyone!

I haven’t rounded out the edges of the steps, and they are … not pleasant!

I will soon make some little pads to sit on top of the steps.


sorry im new to all of this is just purchased the 1000mm x carve. but how do out make such a large piece in the machine? is there a setting adjustment or do you just measure and hope for the best?.

He talks about it in this thread how he tiles from one part to the next.

You could do it on easel if you are very careful with your math and movements, sliding the board along the Y axis in a straight line and by exact amounts.

… It’s just not as ideal as Vcarve :slight_smile:

I’ve carved a 4 foot long breadboard using easel…I marked the measurements on the wood, then zero depth a square in easel, I just moved the square to cover the already carved area. it was a pain in the ■■■, but in a pinch it worked lol.

that day I decided to start the process of extending my Y axis to 1800MM


I used Fusion 360. The free hobby version.

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Ciao Emiliano Molina sono Roberto e sto per acquistare dopo mesi e mesi di ricerche una x-carve, questa tua idea è proprio quello di cui avrei bisogno per i miei progetti, tagliare in più step lunghe tavole di legno, non sono molto bravo a tradurre quindi potresti gentilmente spiegarmi come hai fatto?
Grazie infinite