My crazy Christmas lights

Holy Smokes! Go big or go home, right!!

That’s outstanding… (totally not showing this to my family… they will want. i"m happy with my 2 strings of lights, thank you very much…) :slight_smile:

Now get back to carvin’ !!

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Very cool. I just sold my 4x 24 channels renards. I’m just too busy.

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I would show a pic. Oh wait I just moved. I have not bought any lights.
I do not think I will put any up.

I like yours phil I think you defiently need to tune it to some dubstep but dang Bob way to go the extra mile!!

I like it

i need more than one heart for Bobs lights!

what was carving ehile these were setting up? more casette tables?

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how didnthey turn out?

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Didn’t see the ornaments as an item on your facebook store.

Phils lights are why my x carve is running slower after dark, power draw going towards eastern Wisconsin!

You should put a christmas light representation of an x carve operating on the roof. Then mine wont work at all!


whats an example of the buy-sell-trade group? Are you talking about groups on facebook?
The wife and I started doing craft shows this year, but just weren’t seeing the return on investment.

I can’t wait to start using my pile of fence pickets in the xcarve. Hoping to make the big push for assembly this weekend.

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I’m with you. This is Amazing but there is no way my wife can see this haha.

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Go Jewish. No need for lights!