My drill bit drilled into the homing button and now the machine won’t do anything. So frustrating

I set up to make a simple design in acrylic that my son designed and the drill bit tried to drill into the homing button. I stopped it but still bit had already broken. I tried to restart twice and it touched button and then stopped completely and then switched off and on again it touched and then drilled into corner bit of acrylic away from the design breaking another drill bit. 2 drill bits broken and can’t make anything. I’m really upset. Wanted to make some Christmas samples. I’ve only had my machine 2-3 months

Assuming this is the Carvey?
Can you share the Easel project?
Can you get a video?

I’m sorry about this trouble. It sounds like an issue we need to help you with at Inventables. Please email us here

or call 312-775-7009 M-F 9-5pm CST.