My easel future update idea(12 inch screen laptop based)

i use a laptop for my garage computer(for youtube searching while greasy and now CNC work.)

(biggest issue)
easel works but few little gripes due to track pad cannot zoom. would be great if there was a zoom in and out button like there is for the other side. makes it hard to search for the point that is to small to cut when i cannot zoom in on the 30 inch piece.

other issues (minor)
are the bit is the wrong size warning. until i find the spot that is the right size it takes up 1/3rd of my screen to search for it. while editing a piece with the little menu for cut size is hard to click on with the bit the wrong size. it covers the tabs up top so i cant click from cut to shape tab. cant bring cut depth to zero i have to use a bit size of .00005 while i am making my test pieces so i can do my exact sizing. is there a way to make the warning label smaller?

(not a big one)
the material dimensions takes up space for the preview. should be up by the carve button i think.
just a thought.

thats all of the gripes i have atm with easel.


circled in red is what i am talking about. i have no way to zoom for the preview side.

the x y z part wold be great if it was moved or collapsible… to there or next to the word text make it a selectale thing like text to choose the size? just could use every inch of this lil monitor i could get to see what i am doing.

i have to slide the preview page back over to modify some things then back out of my way so i can see what i am doing.

hate having to go in to my bedroom with sawdust everywhere to change a item on my main computer.

im sure i am probly the only one who has a problem with it. cant replace a brand new gift garage computer with a diff one just because of the size.

Yes, wheel zooms, right click pans, left click tilts.

I use it to find the little red spots that will not carve with the bit I have. And double checking the path to make sure i dont have a stray piece 10 feet to the left (did that once and now i look for it.)All I use it for.
Would be nice if it was like paint (print preview )

I have a cheap mouse but no solid surface to work with atm. Working on my bench so I can mount my laptop under table slide out style with my vacuum under in a silencing box. (Vacuum is to loud to use at night router is a lot quieter and cannot hear it at the edge of my property line.)

If you don’t have room to move a mouse around, try using a trackball. Its like a mouse, but stationary. I use them at home for all my computers and they work great. The latest ones from Logitech are wireless too, meaning no ugly cords to mess with.