My easy vacuum hookup for DeWalt 611

Hi Here is a picture of how I used a few zipties and some masking tape to make a vacuum pickup for the DeWalt 611 on X CAR



Not gonna win any awards for beauty, but hey, if it works. Go with it.

MacGyver would approve.

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How does it hold up if you have to plunge through 3/4" stock? Looks like the nozzle would hit the wood.

It Works WELL!!
The Beauty of it is the nozzle can sit up high, whatever one needs to clear the bit.
The Vacuum is held by the Masking tape layers, which you “Custom Adjust” to the height of your travel height to the depth of the drop for deepest cuts. I have it clear and touch at the lightest cut, then the tape just sort of drags as the deeper cuts are made.
The neat thing about it is the tape covers with dust, so it does not stick to the work piece.
Hope this helps!