My favorite bit so far - Profile cuts

Just got this guy from

Lets just say it has cut Dremal sanding almost completely (other than tabs). Gives you very nice edges, say goodbye to fuzzies :smile:

For those still using Easel and not able to do climb milling for cleaner edges. I’d get one of these asap.

Search for “chipbreaker bits” on the site.

Got some example projects to show off?

I’ll post a pic in a bit, but unfortunately the cutouts i used a standard upcut have already shipped. So i can’t show you a before and after.

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If you get a chance, I’d love to see a couple pics of what this bit can do. Are you only using it for profile cuts?

There are no results for chipbreaker bits

Thanks, Phil. I’ll give that a shot this weekend.

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Thank you, but the shipping to the UK is $99, so I don’t think I will be buying any

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Maybe search for the part number: 2121-2500.4100F

Where do i find the option of doing a last pass offset? I’m not seeing anything in my bit details or profile details.


update: found it in the advanced toolpath options haha

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I use the last pass offset in Vcarve too but set at .003 with a spiral down cut bit. My profile edges seem to be pretty clean, othan tabs of course :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info on doing offset! I liked these bits at first, but they ended up just giving me a bunch of lines on my edges, they came out pretty clean at first, then as the bit dulled they got worse.

Offsetting has worked like a charm!

just use the word chipbreaker - not the word bits

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Yes that worked, thank you