My first big project- maple sign

Here is my first big project. It is a sign for my friend’s business. It is maple glued up to 25" long by about 15" wide. I’m super happy with how it turned out. I’m in the process of finishing it with some ebony stain in the big letter pockets, grey stain in the compass pocket and Danish oil over the rest. I’ll post a pic or 2 after that part is done too.


Very nicely done, Jason!

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Thanks Bill!

Thanks Robert!


Pretty sweet. I like his logo too.

Thanks. I like the logo too. Simple.

looks great

Thanks Venessa!

I like how the oil finish looks. Really makes the logo pop, especially complements the compass perfectly.

Thanks Henry! I debated back and forth with how to finish it. I really like the Danish Oil so I decided to go with that. I’m pretty new to fine woodworking, especially finishing nice pieces. I’m much more of a metal worker and some work in the construction industry.


Haha, and then you got an x-carve… Bam! woodworker… Know the feeling… I’m only doing practical stuff right now for work, but plan to do some nice stuff soon (well once I get it all back together again).

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Looks Good!

Great job! Very clean cuts and nice finish!

Thanks Shannon!

Thanks Matt! I just got the order to make 3 more for their other offices. Now I have find some more wood. I struggle finding larger pieces around here of maple, walnut, or cherry.

Very nice - just curious, did you use Easel or something else?

looks great!

Thanks! Yeah, I used easel. I tried using Fusion 360 to manipulate the tool paths and see the cut time, but the .svg was very large and completely bogged F360 down. I haven’t figured out how to optimize the files yet, so it was easier to do in easel.

Thanks Joseph!