My First Clock

Howdy all,

I just wanted to share some pics from my first clock build. I built it for a friend who flies F-22, hence the theme. The movement is just quartz from Amazon. The wood is walnut and maple ply from home depot, but it turns out ‘ply’ means balsa wood with veneer. The next one will be real solid wood.


Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your friend will enjoy it very much.

THAT is sweet…

Very nice, always loved the lines of the F-22.


Looks great! What was the cut time on the top peice?

That is very, very cool.

Cut time was about 50 minutes, but could probably be sped up. The wood was 0.2" thick, but I was cutting with a 1/16" bit, 0.03" per pass. Luckily it was a lot of cutout shapes! I’m still learning the machine and how best to optimize, we’ll see how the next goes.

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That 3D model is great! If I had more capable software, I’d absolutely carve it in 3D.

Beautifully done

Quite nice! Good work…