My First CNC $375.00

Came across this item. Not much on the vendor but what is interesting is that under the software compatibility is lists Easel.
Not sure I would trust that this product would ever ship.
A quick whois search came up with a Canadian address and a site registration of 05-18-2017

I’m sure same company also sells bigger table top CNC. They want people to spend few bucks to dive in to CNC world.
Not bad actually for the price.
Edit: You also can find bigger used cnc with dremel. Like Shapeoko 1.

This one looks interesting with screw drives on the X, Y & Z axis.


M3 kits start at $299!
Kits with homing switches, epoxy paint, and rigidity upgrades just $414.
Spindle and mount sold separately.

I’ll pass.

You are not referencing the machine I linked.

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The MillRight CNC M3 kit starts at $299, it’s belt driven.

The MillRight CNC Carve King starts at $599, it’s screw driven.