My first Coaster

This is my first coaster. :slight_smile: Be critical and do not hold back on any flaw. I am ok with constructive opinions. First image is before I sanded it. 2nd image is after sanding and then I coated it with Linseed oil.


Did you turn MDF into wood by sanding and oiling? Looks like 2 different pieces.

I think the first one was a test piece

The magic of sanding! :stuck_out_tongue:

The wood is poplar and both images are the same piece of wood.
There was no test piece.
Maybe the lighting is causing it to look that way.

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Looks really good !! What bit did you use?

The magic of lighting to

1/16 2 flute up cut end mill
and 30° Vbit .01" (30499-01)

Both inventables bits.