My first custom sign sale on etsy store

Nothing complicated but very satisfying.
A huge Thank you to Inventables for getting me started and also to the forum members for sharing your knowledge.
I am a cnc dummy who is having fun learning something new everyday.

Happy holidays all.


Congratulations, the sign looks great! What is your store name?

Still very early stage and keeping it simple for now.

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You have some great example signs on your site. I predict you will be very busy!

very nice yeah those look like good signs for sure

Wood is clear cedar and I used a 60 deg V bit.
Software was vcarve desktop and UGS.
Before carving I used 1 part water based poly and 1 part water for the whitewash then a bit of sanding for distressed look.



What are the fonts you used? Very nice clean cut.

Georgia and Vivaldi

Nice work.
Can’t wait to get rolling with my stuff.
Thanks for sharing

Thank you, having a lot of fun with the learning process.

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Good work!!

Looks Great!!!

Only thing i do not approve about Etsy is the often repeated “hand made” in the description of items when most if not all of them are machine made.

Anyhow, Nice work!

Hold on a minute, I need to make a bowl of popcorn.

what constitutes hand made though in this day and age?

if I cut on the cnc and then hand sand it is that handmade?
if I use a electric bandsaw to cut it out is that handmade?
if I use only non electric tools is that handmade?
if I use steam powered tools only is that handmade?

hard to tell now-a-days

my opinion is that anytime you use your hands to FORM a material manually that is considered handmade

That’s funny :smiley:

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You would have to be superman to make it totally with your hands…

true true lol

that is what has always set man apart from animal is logical thinking and creation of tools

of course idk lol we are all animals just slightly smarter ones

Yea smart enough to destroy ourselves