My first cuts


wow nice work. What is that third one a picture of?

It’s a speaker. I need to cut 1 more piece like that and 2 end pieces. And of course the second speaker. I stripped down an old iPod dock and now I’m making it a new home.

WHy ar you hiding in you car with your finished projects? Did the wife find out that you got a new toy? :+1:

They look good BTW I’m jealous that you are up and running and i’m still waiting.


Ha no I was running to,meet her for lunch lol. And thank you I tried cutting a small box but for some reason my 1/16th broke cutting some .25 ply I think it wasn’t totally flat and it tried to go to deep. I also broke my 1/32 by not looking at the distance the x was set to travel zdown = snapped bit time to find some new ones.

Xcarve 100ipm mdf:

One speaker down