My first Hardwood Project

All my carves up to this point were on either plywood or oak.

I used my friends logo!!

3 stage carve: 1 - 1/16 endmill, 2 - 1/32 endmill and 3 - 1/4 endmill
7in circle
Carve depth 0.25in
Time - 1 - 32min, 2 - 38min and 3 - 8 min
Hold down method was tape and CA

Passes 1 and 2 were for detail of the logo and 3rd pass was the cutout around it

I broke the 1/16 nit on the first run due to a setting mess-up and you can see the cut in the center (100% my error)

Everything else went swimgingly!! I have since put some paint in the carved areas and will sand it again before I give it to my buddy!!

Thanks for checking it out!


looks great

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Good job!

What software are you using?

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George I used Easel and image trace to get the file in. I like the image trace app but it really wish there was a better way to get the pictures loaded…

Here is the original image. You can see the detail around the knitting needle thingy in the top right.

That detail just doesn’t come out with the image trace. I am still new to this so I am not paying for a bunch of software yet, I am just trying to get used to the machine right now…

Thanks for the comment



I did get it painted :slight_smile:

Now I just need to put some poly on it and call it done!!


How long did it take to cut??

Rough Pass 1 with a 1/16th - 32min
Detail Pass 2 with a 1/32 - 38min
Rough Pass 3 with a 1/4 - 8 min

May I suggest Inkscape?

It is very easy to convert bitmap to vector (SVG in this case).

Check this tutorial, especially from 6m30s and outwards.


Oh wow… I think I have made a major mistake and don’t even have the thing yet…

Thanks for the link to the vid. I will check it out. Doesn’t Inkscape have a monthly fee?

Are you wanting something that is faster? I am still new and using the stock settings for the feeds and speeds. I know people on here will speed up the process. I just let it run while I work on something else.

Inkscape is an open source project, and is 100% free. Its Adobe counterpart, Illustrator, does have a monthly (or annual) cost.

Which is why Inkscape suits me just fine!

Thanks for the info, checking it out now

You sir are a genius!!! That is exactly what I needed!

Glad it fit the bill, this is something I have picked up from these forums as I suck with Inkscape ha!
But I have done a few carves where I wanted better quality scans/control of output than Easel ImageTrace offer - so ended up going the same path as you a while back :slight_smile:

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I second using Inkscape. I recently forced myself to learn it and WOW what a difference, and it’s free. I found a guy on Youtube who did a whole series of tutorials and is an awesome teacher. Search JT Free on youtube

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