My first hours

Heres the arrival and as far as I got building today…


Us locktite on the eccentric nuts, they tend to get loos and fall off easy


More assembly and wiring done today. I figure I am about 75% done.


Got the waste board, drag chain and more wire routing done today. My next bulid session should be my last before I am up and running…!

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Looking good. I love that table you have it on too. Did you build that?

Thanks for the kind words @Zach_Kaplan…!! Yeah I did build the table. You can see some of the build steps here:

Continuing the discussion from Show and tell: X-Carve assembly! [not troubleshooting]:

Despite that there are only two legs in the front, the table is extremely rigid. The rear side of the table is screwed into a cleat which is then screwed into the wall. The two front legs are screwed directly into the wood floor. That combined with the torsion construction table top means flat and no movement…!!

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Looks great I am jealous as I wait for my machine to arrive. I took your idea of a torsion top to heart and made one myself. 48 x 48 with 1x4 internal structure like yours with additional diagonal internal bracing.

I then skinned the bottom side with 3/4" cdx plywood. The top will be skinned with 3/4" MDF leftover from what I cut my wasteboard from. I ran string lines across it on the diagonals and lifted one corner and absolutely no twist was detectable. :+1:

I plan on a understructure that will be on casters to allow for it to be rolled out of it’s corner for floor cleaning and if I am working on a piece that is longer than the machine bed, thus the desire for super rigidity.

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@JkWestphal Sounds like that will be a great surface for your machine. Based on your description it’s gotta super solid…!!

Let’s get this party started


That enclosure looks awesome!!!

Thanks zach…it makes that dw660 dewalt as quiet as a mouse

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