My first laser etched photo!

I am of course being sarcastic and joking with this picture. After removing the protective coating and seeing a perfectly clear (well, burned glue) sheet of acrylic, I was feeling pretty defeated. I wish I had found the “laser etching clear acrylic is probably not possible” post sooner. Looks like I’ll have to stick to using the router for that bit :slight_smile:

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There are lots of different types of lasers and the wavelength of the laser affects what types of materials that laser will cut/etch. Since you’re posting here I’m sure you’re talking about a semiconductor laser - don’t know first hand, but I’ll take your picture as evidence that this type os laser can’t do clear acrylic. However a CO2 laser certainly can, for example the cheap K40 Chinese laser cutter owners have posted lots of laser etched acrylic signs.

Yeah I’ve been learning a bit about this - tbh I ordered a bit before I researched. That being said, I’ve still got use cases (wood) i can do or acrylic cuts. Since I’ve got the 3.8w Jtech laser, I’ll just mix it up mill out the designs I want with the routers then just scuff it up with some sandpaper if I want more frosting.