My first piece sign


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Hello everyone, I have my xcarve now for like a month , and have been practicing a little , trying things out . Now I have my first job done and Iam so happy with my xcarve ! It’s just great even tought that the sign I made is much bigger than the work area it worked out fine to do it in sections even a 54 long piece I carved it in two times just sliding it over


Hi Randy, That is awesome - would love to see a picture!

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just added one i couldnt add a pic on my phone

wow that looks great! tell us how you did it

Wow, that is a very impressive and professional looking sign. You probably made a bundle on that.

I tought first that it will be hard to make some money whit it , but actually I have 3 more signs to make for clients I never in my life made a sign but it’s realy easy whit the xcarve It just does exactly do what you want

Very impressive!

Excellent work.

I will start with this tomorrow


Super job. Looks very nice.

Do a video of you making it! :slight_smile:


@RandyVervliet Hey…would love to see the finished product on your sign if you have a moment to take a couple of pics. Thanks in advance!

Awesome work. I too have just started working with my new XCarve, though I haven’t actually completed any projects yet, merely checking it out for now. Of course the subject presented itself regarding carving items larger than the work area. Of course my initial thoughts were to move the material as well. Any tips you can share for this process?

You can tile the oversized projects

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Well it all depends on what yo want to do if you see in the first picture the 4 words are carved in one piece . The size of that piece is 53” I carved it in two times before the second carve I just slide it and measured where to start carving the tirth word . A good way to do it to lay down on the left side of your wasteboard a straight piece for example wood and use that ase a guide

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Thanks Phillip and Randy, I was planning on tiling and sliding the material, not being familiar with machine yet, I wasn’t sure how well it would work. The software actually has me more confused than I’d really like to admit. If the project is larger than the work area, do you need to break up the file into separate files to accomplish this?

Yes ! Never let anything outside the lines in the program. It will damage your x carve.

Is that actually aluminum, or something else?

It’s black pvc with on both sides an aluminum layer