My first project - Mother's Day

Made this for my mom for Mother’s day. The kid calls her ‘Noni’

The only difficult part i had was notching the back side for the glass and picture to fit into. I cut down an 1/8 inch on the front side where the picture is and then turned it over and cut down 3/8 inch for the inset piece and all i had to do was razor the thin bit of material left. worked great! I’ve got pictures on my phone, I’ll attach them after this post

The project is not shared publicly


@LucFournier maybe I am doing it wrong. When in easel you hit file, share, than share with link and copy ans paste the link. correct?

I think this is the way you do it but maybe something is missing. At least now you posted the pictures and we can see your nice project.

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You need to click Save before closing the URL window.

Lovely project BTW :slight_smile:

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