My First Sign!

I finally made my first sign and I love how it turned out! I cut it out on walnut wood using a 60 degree v-bit. I spray painted the carved out section.


Very nice!


What ended up being wrong with the z axis?

Very nice!

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The screw in the pully was loose.


I put it on now. So should be good for the future.

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I’d be interested in how you masked for the spray paint.

I’m guessing a sander! :slight_smile:

Ok that sounds doable… I tried the mask-before-cut technique but couldn’t get the details to stay masked. Thanks so much for the share. - love the moose!

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I actually just spray painted it right after it was done carving. Then i sanded away the excess. It gave a cool effect with paint in the grain.

Very nice)

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ok first of all im dumb to this and have very little knowledge of what im doing . I want to have a text in a arch is that doable ? thanks

Sure, the way that you would do it depends on the software that you are using.

Have to do some studying on that. I just got this think to write words and had it a year ! Haha I don’t spend enough time on it really but thanks

Yes, although it may be easier to create what you want in Inkscape, save as an SVG and import to Easel.

I will have to study up on that. I just got it to write names and had it a year. I just don’t spend enough time on it. Thanks

I think to do that you would have to make the text in inkscape or illustrator.

Thanks I will try that.